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Configure Metadata Bridges on Services pod of Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D)

How To


Enable Bridges in Services Pod in Cloud Pak For DATA (CP4D) to import metadata


Bridges to import metadata by using Metadata Asset Manager are now available in CP4D ->collect-> importMetadata


Services Pod



  1. Go to IMAM UI --> Administrator --> Metadata Interchange Servers --> New
    • Enter the value for Host as is-servicesdocker and port as 19443
    • Give a name for the server entry and select Save and Close
  2. Set the necessary folder permissions as instructed
    • kubectl exec -it <<iis-services-pod>> bash -n <<namespace>>
    • su root
    • cd /opt/IBM/InformationServer/ASBNode/lib
    • chmod -R 755 java
    • exit
    • cd /opt/IBM/InformationServer/wlp/bin
    • ./server stop mis
    • ./server start mis
  3. Update SSL TLS protocol version as shown 
    • Modify the ssl protocol version in the server.xml file located in /opt/IBM/InformationServer/wlp/usr/servers/mis/server.xml
    • <ssl id=”defaultSSLSettings” clientAuthenticationSupported=”true” clientAuthentication=”true” securityLevel=”HIGH”  serverKeyAlias=”${mis.server.key.alias}” sslProtocol=”SSL_TLSv2” keyStoreRef=”mis-keystore” trustStoreRef=”mis-truststore”/>
    • cd /opt/IBM/InformationServer/wlp/bin
    • ./server stop mis
    • ./server start mis
  4. Go to IMAM UI and select the server in the drop-down to see the list of bridges
    • If the UI reports an error with this message ( reset), try the following
      •  In the same server.xml file modified as suggested in step 3, remove the clientAuthenticationSupported="true" clientAuthentication="true" content in that same line
      • Restart MIS as shown in Step 2 & 3

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