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Configuration of Mount Proxy Node pair fails with ANS3144W - Linux



The Tivoli Storage Manager for VMware UI is used to configure a Mount Proxy Node pair. The "Validate Selected Node" button is selected and the validation fails with the ANS3144W error for the Linux node


The following error is logged in the Status detail in the Tivoli Storage Manager for VMware UI :

ANS3144W The ISCSI service is not running. File level restore mount operations will not work.

The error is logged for the Linux node.

Diagnosing The Problem

On the Linux machine that runs the Windows node, verify the status of the iscsi service using the "service iscsi status" Linux command. For example :

[root@mylinux /]# service iscsi status
iscsi is stopped

In this example, it shows that the service is stopped.

Resolving The Problem

On the Linux machine that runs the Linux node, start the iscsi initiator service using the iscsiadm command. For example :

iscsiadm -m discovery -t sendtargets -p <IP address of the Windows proxy node>

The iscsiadm will automatically start the iscsi service. Verify that the service started using below commands :

[root@mylinux /]# service iscsi status
No active sessions
[root@tsm04 /]# service iscsid status
iscsid (pid 4519) is running...

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17 June 2018