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Comparison Between IBM i Access Client Solutions and IBM i Access for Windows - Surviving Sleep Mode

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IBM i Access for Windows 5250 session stays active even when you are away from your computer for a few hours. IBM i Access Client Solutions does not. How can you keep your IBM i Access Client Solutions 5250 sessions active during such periods?


The PC is configured to go into sleep mode after a certain amount of inactivity on the computer. When this happens, the PC notifies applications that are running that this is about to occur, and IBM i Access for Windows is coded so that it answers "No". This prevents the PC from going into sleep mode. The display power settings still apply; however, the PC does not go into sleep mode. IBM i Access Client Solutions does not do this. Therefore, when the PC notifies the applications that it is going into sleep mode, the client acknowledges this and the session gets disconnected.


Currently, the only way around this is to set the PC to a higher sleep mode timer so that you can be away from your desk for an hour or two without losing your session.

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18 December 2019