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Common ETL jobs fail with CRRRE1404E error



Attempts to run Common ETL job result in "CRRRE1404E: The user or password is invalid" when using IBM Rational Team Concert.


When you run the data collection, all jobs succeed except for the Common jobs.

Common ETL jobs fail with an error:

CRRRE1404E: The user or password is invalid


The problem could be due to JTS losing connection to the LDAP server at that time. As a consequence, change and configuration management (CCM) cannot authenticate the LDAP user ID that runs the ETL tasks.

If a proxy server is in place, it could be due to a failing connection between CCM and JTS through the proxy server.

  1. The CCM common job is triggered (by schedule or manually)
  2. CCM sends the request to JTS asking to verify if the lD used to run the ETL task has sufficient permission and CAL to run the job
  3. The request is received by the proxy server and sent to JTS
  4. JTS receives the request and sends a response back to CCM through the proxy

Diagnosing The Problem

  • The XDC Authentication Type is set to the default Form
  • An LDAP ID is being used to run the Data Collection Jobs
  • You see the following error in the application server log:

    2012-03-28 00:08:27,885 [ccm0009001: AsynchronousTaskRunner-3] ERROR ervice.internal.common.CommonRemoteSnapshotService - CRRRE1404E: The user or password is invalid.
    java.sql.SQLException: CRRRE1404E: The user or password is invalid.

Resolving The Problem

Use an internal functional ID to run the ETL Data Collection jobs instead of a real LDAP ID.

  1. Navigate to jts/admin > Server > Consumers. Create and register a new consumers key. Set the etl_user as the function user.

  2. Naviate to jts/admin > Reports > Datawarehouse Connection. Enter the consumer key and secret for the connection properties. Change the XDC Authentication Type from Form to JTS.

  3. Navigate to jts/admin > Reports > Data Collection Jobs. Enter the newly created Consumer Key and secret.

  4. Rerun the Common job successfully.

    Doing this has the following benefits:
    • You no longer use LDAP for authenticating the ETL job. This will eliminate LDAP failures from the picture.

    • No need to worry about ETL user password expiring.

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