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Collecting data for InfoSphere Optim™ Solution

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To clarify a problem with IBM® Optim™ solution and save time, what information should I collect before contacting IBM Optim support ?


Questions that you should consider, depending on the circumstances of your issue.

  • What version of Optim are you running?
  • What operating system and version is the Optim server running on, if applicable?
  • What database and version hosts the Optim directory?
  • Is the database for the Optim directory 64-bit or 32-bit?
  • Is the client for the Optim directory database 64-bit or 32-bit?
  • What connections to databases using Optim database aliases are involved?

Information to Collect
The following is required for all issues with IBM® Optim™ solution.
  • Text of any error or errors that you receive
  • The Optim process that caused the error
    (Extract, Archive, Insert, Convert, Load, etc.)
  • The process report, depending on the process that caused the error
  • The trace files (See below on where these are located);
    • If the error occurs on an Optim server gather PR0SVCE, PR0SVER and potentially PR0CMND files
    • If the process is run on Windows, PR0TOOL file
    • If the error occurs during the configuration of Optim (Windows only), PR0CNFG file

Extract issues, if possible to collect:
Please note that a license for Test Data Management (TDM) solution is required to gather the following.
  • An extract file containing 100 rows of data
  • The Access Definition used to specify the extract

Load Issues:
Send an Export of the load request, and provide what database this is running against

Column Map or Table Map Issues:
Send an export of their related definitions

Locating Optim's trace files:


From the main Optim window choose Options -> Personal. Under the General tab, the trace files will reside in the path defined to the Temporary Work Directory.


The Temporary Work Directory is defined under the tempdir keyword within the pstserv.cfg file - located in <Optim install dir>/rt/etc. Conversely, when running a PR0CMND job, the PR0CMND trace files will reside in the tempdir defined within the pstlocal.cfg file, which is also located in <Optim install dir>/rt/etc.

What to do next

Once you have gathered the above data, use the ECuRep Upload Service to send your data to IBM.

For a listing of all technotes, downloads, and educational materials specific to the InfoSphere Optim, search the InfoSphere Optim Support Portal.

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03 June 2019