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Collecting data for DB2 Uninstall Failure on Windows: V8

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When you experience a problem with uninstalling DB2 UDB v8 on Windows, collecting this information before calling IBM support will help clarify the problem and save time analyzing the data.


Collecting data for DB2 UDB v8 uninstall failure on Windows. Gathering this information before calling IBM® support helps familiarize you with the troubleshooting process and saves you time.

Situation: When the uninstall action for DB2 UDB v8 on Windows fails unexpectedly.

If you wish to simply remove DB2 from the system without investigation, then use the Uninstalling DB2 instructions to remove DB2 UDB v8 manually from the system.

Information to collect:

To investigate the problem, please issue the following command to collect trace and log files from the uninstaller.

msiexec /x {D8F53726-C7AD-11D4-9155-00203586D551} /l*v c:\log.txt DB2_TRACE_FILE_PATH=c:\trace.txt

The above example is for uninstalling ESE. Replace the product ID code with the appropriate one below based on what is installed on your system. The easiest way to determine which product is installed is to look under Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs and identify the DB2 program listed.

The following is a list of Product ID codes. (This list is also found in the "Uninstalling DB2" link provided earlier)

ESE {D8F53726-C7AD-11D4-9155-00203586D551}
WSE {7A28F948-4945-4BD1-ACC2-ADC081C24830}
PE {C0AA883A-72AE-495F-9601-49F2EB154E93}
WM {84AF5B86-19F9-4396-8D99-11CD91E81724}
DLM {1D16CA65-F7D9-47E5-BB26-C623A44832A3}
RCON {273F8AB8-C84B-4EE6-85E7-D7C5270A6D08}
CONEE {9C8DFB63-66DE-4299-AC6B-37D799A728A2}
CONPE {F1912044-6E08-431E-9B6D-90ED10C0B739}
ADMCL {ABD23811-AA8F-416B-9EF6-E54D62F21A49}
ADCL {68A40485-7F7F-4A91-9AB6-D67836E15CF2}
RTCL {63F6DCD6-0D5C-4A07-B27C-3AE3E809D6E0}
GSE {F6846BF9-F4B5-4BB2-946D-3926795D5749}
LSDC {DD30AEB3-4323-40D7-AB39-735A0523DEF3}
WMC {5FEA5040-22E2-4760-A88C-73DE82BE4B6E}
DOC {73D99978-A255-4150-B4FD-194ECF4B3D7C}
QP {7A8BE511-8DF3-4F22-B61A-AF0B8755E354}
CUBE {C8FEDF8F-84E8-442F-A084-0A0F6A772B52}
EXP {58169F10-CA30-4F40-8C6D-C6DA8CE47E16}
RTLITE {07C9CEE7-4529-4E60-95D3-6B6EF6AC0E81}

What to do next

Collect the following files generated by the msiexec command and submit using the instructions below:
1) log.txt
2) trace.txt

Submitting information to IBM Support
Once you have collected your information, you can begin Problem Determination through the product Support web page, or simply submit the diagnostic information to IBM support. Use the document below for submitting information to IBM Support.
Submitting diagnostic information to IBM Technical Support for problem determination

[{"Product":{"code":"SSEPGG","label":"DB2 for Linux- UNIX and Windows"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU001","label":"Analytics Private Cloud"},"Component":"Install\/Migrate\/Upgrade - Install\/Setup - Command Line","Platform":[{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"8","Edition":"Enterprise Server;Express;Personal;Workgroup Server"},{"Product":{"code":"SSEPDU","label":"DB2 Connect"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU001","label":"Analytics Private Cloud"},"Component":" ","Platform":[{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"8","Edition":"All Editions"}]

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31 July 2019