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The software environments supported by IBM Cognos Planning are described below. They are listed as Active, Compatible or Not Supported. Environments denoted as active are the environments tested by IBM Cognos. Although environments denoted as compatible may also be tested, testing may be limited or support may be based on upward compatibility statements from IBM Cognos partners and third-party vendors. Older releases of environments may transition over time from active to compatible as significant testing would have occurred in previous IBM Cognos releases.


All versions stated of an environment presume the initial release of a 3rd party product without any need for patches/service packs or equivalent terms unless stated. Equally, unless stated, IBM Cognos presumes that the 3rd party product has not been configured to disable new features (compatibility modes) and that all patches/service packs are upward compatible for our products from the versions stated.

IBM Cognos Planning is a 32-bit product and will integrate with 3rd party 32-bit libraries only.

All references to Windows refer to Windows on x86 architecture.

Cognos and Virtualization
Virtualization Policy for IBM Software

To view supported software environments, click the product version below.

Cognos Planning10.1 | 10.1.1

Cognos 8 Planning8.1 | 8.1 MR1 | 8.4 | 8.4.1

Conformance information for Cognos product versions that have recently been made inactive is available via the search. Customers are strongly encouraged to upgrade to a supported version of Cognos products.

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