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Cognos Command Center 10.2.4 Fix Pack 1



IBM® Cognos® Command Center® 10.2.4 Fix Pack 1 provides important product corrections for Cognos Command Center 10.2.4.

Download Description

IBM® Cognos® Command Center® 10.2.4 Fix Pack 1 provides important product corrections for Cognos Command Center 10.2.4 and should be applied to all Cognos Command Center 10.2.4 installations at your earliest convenience.

IBM Cognos Command Center 10.2.4 will be the last version of IBM Cognos Command Center to include a 32 bit client installation. Read more.



Installation Instructions

For installation Instructions see Command Center 10.2.4 Installation - Upgrading sub-section.


1. Download product from Download package below.
2. Unpack each of the Downloads into a single, temporary directory on your system.
3. Follow the instructions in the Command Center 10.2.4 Installation to upgrade the product.
4. Before upgrading  to a new version of Cognos Command Center software, create a backup copy of the repository database.
5. Do not uninstall the existing installation of the software. The wizard installs the new version (Fix Pack) on top of the existing version. The existing configuration values and information are retained so that the fields in the pages of the wizard are pre-populated.
6. In the wizard, point the new installation to the existing location and database.

Download Package

Optional: to install the Windows 32-bit client, follow the instructions in the readme file that is provided within the 10.2.40100.200_x86Client.rar.

Change History

2018-07-30 initial publication

Updated Fix Central download to include the Windows32-bit client install.

Added link to deprecation of conformance notice.


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24 February 2020