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Cognos BI users are unable to send email due SMTP server rejection.



Cognos users are not able to email reports. Testing email setting in 'Cognos Configuration > Notification Settings' succeeds and Notification user account can be used to send email.


Cognos users from authentication directory cannot email reports using their email accounts. 'Cognos Configuration > Notification' settings tests successfully and Cognos administrator user who is defined as Notification user account, can send email. Further notification user can successfully send test email from Cognos server using Telnet connection to SMTP server.

When other users try to run a job with email delivery in Cognos Connection, it fails with following errors in run history details:
CNC-SDS-0408 There are email messages waiting to be sent.
CNC-SDS-0410 The email message was not sent.
CNC-SDS-0335 Error returned from SMTP Server. The error message was:
[5.7.1 Client Does Not Have Permission To Send As This Sender]


Error message indicates that email was received and rejected by SMTP server, because mail server does not allow to send email with sender email address.

Cognos Delivery Service will connect to mail server with 'Cognos Configuration > Notification Settings'. notification user. Email reports are sent using the report / job owners email as a sender (Technote 1339678), in this case email addresses for users were stored with Active Directory users entries.

Resolving The Problem

First, verify following:

  • 'Cognos Configuration > Notification Settings' are identical in all Cognos BI machines within this environment and tests successfully.
  • Notification user is allowed to send email from Cognos server machine via Telnet.

Problem was solved on MS Exchange server by:

- Using authorised access, grant 'Send As' permission for SMTP users on SMTP server end.

This works as well, but may not be viable solution:

- Using anonymous access, add Cognos BI server IP address into MS Exchange server anonymous sender list and leave notification user credentials empty in Cognos Connection.

This is a 3rd party configuration issue, please consult your SMTP server administrator and product documentation.

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Modified date:
15 June 2018