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Cognos Analytics 11 Flipper Diagnostic



In multi-server architecture DNS server is not resolving FQDN properly.


This may cause the IBM Cognos Configuration Group and flipper to become out of sync causing issues.

Diagnosing The Problem

Log in to the Primary Content Manager with URI using System Administration credentials: http://FQDN:PORT/bi/v1/disp
In the same session check Flipper diagnostic URL: http://FQDN:PORT/bi/v1/flipper/diag
The output must be similar to this:
image 7333
The highlighted IP address must be resolved to a valid IP by DNS (Domain Name Server).

Resolving The Problem

Cognos Analytics sends request to DNS with the Fully Qualified Domain Name (or with whatever is configured in Cognos Configuration). Then onward its DNS's duty to resolve the IP address/FQDN to a valid address.
Involve the network team to troubleshoot in details.
The following command should display the Server IP address:
ping -4 hostname

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15 October 2021