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Client Upload of Data to ECUREP



This document provides information about how to upload client data to ECUREP.

Resolving The Problem

There are several approved ways of uploading data to ECUREP for IBM support to work with.

You can select the best upload option for your data and follow the link(s) and instructions to upload the data.

There are several changes in 2018 due to regulations. You now will be required to use your IBM ID and password for all uploads as anonymous uploads will no longer be allowed. Also only secure uploads will be allowed. Additional details can be found at,

Regardless of the upload method being used, to submit data to the ECUREP, you need your Branch and Country code that is associated with the PMR record. Your Branch and Country code is part of the PMR record identifier; it is also known as the PMR number. Example is 12345,001,000 where 12345 is the PMR record, 001 is the Branch and 000 is the Country code.

If you are using a secure FTP method once connected and authenticated you will take the following steps,

Step 1: cd /toibm/os400.

Step 2: Type bin at the command prompt, and press the Enter key.

Step 3: Use the following file naming convention to name your file and put it on the server.

put myfile.jar 12345.999.000.myfile.jar

Caution: The file must use this format to be associated with the PMR; this is the complete PMR record number. If you use any other file name, the file will be deleted.

Type your PMR record information and file type in the format: xxxxx.bbb.ccc.yyy.yyy, where

xxxxx = PMR Number
bbb= Branch
ccc= Country codes
yyy.yyy = Description of the file type. Compress the file to be transferred by using ZIP or TAR format.

Step 4: Once the transfer is complete you can type the quit command and press the Enter key to exit.

1.Do not FTP your files to this server unless you have already opened a problem record (PMR) by using Electronic Service Request (ESR) or by directly calling the Support Center.
2.IBM technical support representatives might provide information back to you through FTP in a different directory.
3.You can send a file (for example, by using the put or mput command); however, you cannot update it. You must create a new file with a unique name. Include your PMR number as part of the new file name.

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