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Client attributes checked for change during incremental backups.

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What file attributes are checked for changes by the Tivoli Storage Manager Client on UNIX operating systems during incremental backups?


The following table outlines each of the attributes checked by the client to determine if a file has changed;

AttributeAttribute DescriptionAction if different
ctimeChange TimeBackup File
mtimeModify TimeBackup File
atimeAccess TimeMetadata Update
File mode OCTModeMetadata Update
uidUser ID OwnerMetadata Update
gidGroup ID OwnerMetadata Update
sizeSizeBackup File
ACL sizeACL SizeBackup File
ACL checksumACL Checksum ValueBackup File
Xattr sizeExtended Attribute Size Backup File
Xattr checksumExtended Attribute ChecksumBackup File
inodeInode Metadata Update

Also noted in the above table is the action the client takes if a certain attribute has changed. Sometimes the client will drive a metadata update for the object to the server. Other times it will back up the file again.

NOTE: The above table is only a sample for normal client incremental backup processing. Certain options and filesystem types may affect the client action.

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17 June 2018