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ClearQuest Web custom record view mandatory fields can now be configured to be shown only once when one or none of them are selected

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How does one configure CQ Web to display mandatory fields only once in the custom record view?


Beginning in ClearQuest version and, the CQ Web client provides the administrator a way to configure displaying mandatory fields only once when one or none of them is selected in the custom record view.

As a ClearQuest administrator, open Site Administration -> Site Configuration, navigate to Application Options tab, check Show Mandatory Fields Once in Custom Record View check box.


  • This operation does not require the ClearQuest web server to be restarted. It will take effect for all new user log-ons.
  • In a load-balanced environment, you must set this preference by logging in directly to each Change Management (CM) Server that participates in the load-balance scenario.


Take for example the out-of-box DefectTracking schema. Change the Headline field's form control name to Headline1 and add two text box form controls to the form bundled with the same Headline field, named as Headline2 and Headline3. These three form controls have the same mandatory source field.


Open a new defect or modify one using the custom record view.

In the Customize Table View dialog, deselect all the fields, thus only mandatory fields will be displayed on the form.


Before configuring:


All the Headline1, Headline2 and Headline3 controls are displayed.



After configuring:
Only Headline1 is displayed. If none of instances is selected, only the first one is shown in the custom view.

If only Headline2 is selected in the Customize Table View dialog, only Headline2 is displayed on the form, other instances are hidden.

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04 February 2020