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ClearQuest introduces Feature level 8 and metaschema 23

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In ClearQuest V8.0.1.1, what is included in ClearQuest Feature level 8 and metaschema version 23?


ClearQuest version introduces feature level 8 and database metaschema version 23, which adds support for the following capabilities:

Table 1 - Maximum field length increases for Feature level 8, metaschema version 23
ElementField nameMaximum field lengthLimitations
attachmentfile name
Increased from 50 to 254
There are OS limitations for the file system's max path length, so for the CQ clients and server, there will be some problem to the very long attachment file name. As it will save the attachment file temporarily, the total length (the path length + the file name length) may exceed the limitation of the max path length. In this case, please use a relative short file name.
Increased from 50 to 254
groupnameIncreased from 30 to 254
databaseserver nameIncreased from 30 to 255Operating system requirements limit the real maximum field length for the server name to less than 255.

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16 June 2018