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clearmake output format

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What is the default format of clearmake output?


By default, clearmake includes audited build executor (abe) information, a timestamp, and the elapsed time for building an object. For example:

      Rebuilding "tool_3" on host "qlnx212" using abe(2, pid=24041) at 08:09:21

is printed instead of

      Rebuilding "tool_3" on host "qlnx212"

which is the default output of earlier releases. Similarly, this format:

      ======== Finished "tool_3" on host "qlnx212" ======== (elapsed: 10.134466 s) at 08:09:44

replaces this format:

      ======== Finished "tool_3" on host "qlnx212" ========

Scripts that post-process clearmake output may need to be modified to accommodate this change. When set, the environment variable CCASE_BUILD_SUPPRESS_TIMES causes clearmake to print messages in the older format.

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24 October 2018