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clearfsimport command opens "Error: Not an object in a vob: "\"."



The clearfsimport utility of IBM Rational® ClearCase® generates error message "clearfsimport: Error: Could not resolve parent directory of "\VOB"."


The error message is as follows.

clearfsimport: Error: Not an object in a vob: "\".

clearfsimport: Error: Could not resolve parent directory of "\MyVOB"


The following clearfsimport syntax is incorrect.

C:\ccviews\My_Snapshot_View\MyVOB>clearfsimport C:\ccimport\MySourceCode\ \MyVOB

Resolving The Problem

Consider the following steps to run clearfsimport successfully.

  1. Change directory (cd) from within your snapshot view to the target path in the VOB.

    For example:

    C:\ccviews> cd My_Snapshot_View\MyVOB

  2. Specify the target directory with a period (.) n the clearfsimport syntax, to indicate the current working directory.

    C:\ccviews\MyView\MyVOB>clearfsimport C:\ccimport\MySourceCode\ .

    Note: Put a trailing backslash after the source directory, MySourceCode\, Now, you only copy the contents of the source directory without creating a directory MySourceCode in the target location.

  3. Copy the files from the source location to the target location.

  4. Add each new item to source control, and creating a new version for any elements that already exist in the path with the same name.

  5. Check in all element versions


  • For additional features and options of clearfsimport, see the IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference; alternatively run cleartool man clearfsimport.

  • You can also use the ClearCase Import Wizard (ccimportwizard.exe) to import data into your VOB through a GUI tool. This wizard is available in ClearCase v.4.2 and newer.

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16 June 2018