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Cleaning temporary Java workarea in Cognos Analytics

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Cleaning temporary Java workarea in Cognos Analytics for Dispatcher and Query service.


Cleaning temporary Java workarea in Cognos Analytics for Dispatcher and Query service can be helpful in resolving issues where java cache becomes corrupt or of out of date.
In some scenarios java cache issues can manifest themselves as crashing Query service (without heap dump) and other erratic behavior. Cleaning temporary cache allows application server to rebuild the cache from scratch resetting it to healthy state.


Windows, Linux, Unix
Cognos Analytics 11.x



  1. Stop Dispatcher (that in turn will stop Query service).
  2. Assuming <cognos_home> is home directory of that specific dispatcher delete everything from <cognos_home>\wlp\usr\servers\dataset-service\workarea\*  (i.e. keep the workarea directory, but delete everything in it, including subdirectories)
  3. Delete everything from <cognos_home>\wlp\usr\servers\cognosserver\workarea\*
  4. Delete everything from <cognos_home>\javasharedresources\*
  5. Start Dispatcher (Query service will start automatically)
In multi-server environment repeat the steps 1-5 for each dispatcher.

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29 July 2019