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Child Work Orders Generating Without PMNUM



PM numbers are not being copied to child work orders if routes are applied to a PM Record?


Create a PM record with a Route. The route is set to generate Child work orders. Each entry on the route has its own Job Plan. Generate PM work orders

When the PM generates it creates a parent work order with the PMNUM from the PM record; however, none of the child work orders have a PMNUM. They are all null.


This is by working as designed. Only the work order the PM created references the PMNUM on it. The children are created by the route stops, not the PM record.

Resolving The Problem


1. Go to the Domains application.

2. Go to the bottom right hand corner.

3. Click on the 'Add New Domain" button and then select "Add New Crossover Domain".

4. Create a crossover domain called PM2WO:
object = PM
Validation Where Clause: pmnum=:pmnum or pmnum=:NewTaskParentPMNum
crossover source field = PMNUM
destination field = PMNUM

5. Go to the Database Configuration application:

Bring up the workorder object:

Go to the Attributes tab and filter for NewTaskParentPMNum:

Populate the domain with PM2WO from step 4 above.

6. Bring up the woactivity object:

Go to Attributes tab and filter for NewTaskParentPMNum.

Populate the domain with PM2WO from step 4 above.

7. Save.

8. From the "Select Action" menu, turn on admin mode:
Apply "Database Configuration".
Then from the "Select Action" menu, turn off admin mode.

9. Re-test the scenario.

PM numbers with routes applied will now be copied to the child work orders as well as parent work orders.

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