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Checkout, merge or deliver of directories to a snapshot view reports error: Element <path to some element> version "version number" is not the LATEST version on its branch. Update the view to select a newer version



This technote explains why the error, cleartool: Error: Element version is not the LATEST version on its branch. Update the view to select a newer version., occurs when using IBM® Rational® ClearCase® UCM and the integration snapshot view has not been updated before trying to perform a deliver.


Attempts to deliver changes results in the following error:

C:\CleaCaseViews\user_testproj\landsrc>cleartool deliver

Changes to be DELIVERED to default target stream in project "TestProj":
FROM: stream "user_testproj"
TO: stream "TestProj_Integration"
Using target view: "user_testproj_integration".
Do you wish to continue with this deliver operation? [no] y
cleartool: Warning: Please ensure that the target snapshot view "user_testproj_integration" is up to date and free of hijacked files.
Needs Merge "C:\CleaCaseViews\user_testproj_integration\landsrc\prototype\Prototype 1" [to \main\TestProj_Integration\5 from \main\TestProj_Integration\user_testproj\6 base \main\TestProj_Integration\mchambers_LandWorx\5]
cleartool: Error: Element "C:\CleaCaseViews\user_testproj_integration\landsrc\prototype\Prototype 1", version "\main\TestProj_Integration\5" is not the LATEST version on its branch. Update the view to select a newer version.
cleartool: Error: Unable to check out "C:\CleaCaseViews\user_testproj_integration\landsrc\prototype\Prototype 1".
cleartool: Error: An error occurred while checking out or merging the directories in the target view.
cleartool: Error: Unable to perform merge.
cleartool: Error: Unable to do integration.
cleartool: Error: Unable to deliver stream "user_testproj".


There were changes made against the integration stream, TestProj_Integration, which have not been updated in this integration view, user_testproj_integration. For example, the changes may have come from a deliver by another user.

Resolving The Problem

The simplest resolution is to update the entire snapshot view.

In some cases, update is a longer process due to the amount and size of files loaded in the view.

As an alternative, you can try just updating the element or even its parent directory, then try the deliver again. If the deliver still fails, then you should try updating the entire snapshot view to see if that helps.

To update the view:

  • From ClearCase Explorer or Microsoft® Windows® Explorer, right-click the view and select Update. To update a specific file or directory element, right-click the element and select Update

  • From command line, use the cleartool update. To update a specific file or directory element, use cleartool update <element_name>.

For more information on cleartool update, refer to IBM Rational ClearCase Command Reference, or run cleartool man update.

Note: A similar error can occur when trying to rebase, where the development view needs to be updated before the deliver will proceed. The above directions for updating apply in that case also.

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Modified date:
16 June 2018