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Checking the LSN size for a DB2 database

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When running Data Protection for SAP with a DB2 database is it possible to check the size of the Lifetime Log Sequence Number (LSN)?


Need to monitor the size of the Lifetime LSN to prevent issues with database backups..


As noted in APAR IT07226 the Data Protection for SAP DB2 backup can fail when the LSN is larger than 6 bytes

Prior to DB2 version 9.7 the database LSN was limited to 6 bytes. A change was made in DB2 9.7 to allow for use of an 8 byte LSN to be used, increasing the maximum number of log entries available.

To check the size of the LSN within the database, this can be reviewed in the details of the tablespaces within the DB2 support information; or by using the command,

    db2pd -logs -db database_name

For example an 8 byte LSN might be similar to the following tablespace information:
    Tablespace Information:
    Name: PRD#DTCAF1A
    On-disk tablespace ID: 11
    Pool state: 0x00000000
    Life LSN: 0x000102771860E419
    Store definition LSN: 0x00010BF6417685BA6
    Full backup time: 0x54d197dd
    Full backup LSN: 0x00010C57050CFBC6
    Last backup time: 0x54d197dd
    Last backup LSN: 0x00010C57050CFBC6
Note the size of the LifeLSN, which is larger than 6 bytes

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