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Changing the person default search attribute in ISIM 5,6 and 7

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What is the procedure to change the ISIM default search attribute for person?



1) The intention is to alter the default search attribute in the 'Manage Users' link in the ISIM console UI from 'Last Name' (attribute sn) to 'Preferred User ID' (attribute uid).

2) The 'Search by' attribute is set to the same attribute used for ercustomdisplay in Manage Entities for the person entity type. To change the default ercustomdisplay attribute, perform these steps:

a. Go to Configure System - > Manage Entities. Select the ISIM Person Entity.
b. Go to Attribute Mappings.
c. Select 'ercustomdisplay' for Identity Manager Attribute and select any Custom LDAP Attribute as default search attribute.
d. Click the Map button and the Apply button to update the entity.

3) Change the label for ercustomdisplay from "Last Name" to "Preferred User ID" in <isim_home>/data/ Also make the same change to any files than may apply to your system (where xx is a two-character language code). For example, if (for English) is present on your system, and you are using English in ITIM, make the equivalent change to

4) Repeat changes to and
on each node of a cluster.

4. Restart ISIM

5. Go to Manage Users and observe the new default value for 'Search by' of 'Preferred User ID'.

On the ISIM 7 appliance, the procedure is the same except that changing and files must be
performed through the appliance dashboard.

To Change on the appliance:

1, In the appliance dashboard, select 'Configure Identity Manager' > 'Update Property'

2. Select the appropriate 'CustomLabels*.properties' file(s), type 'ercustomdisplay' in the search area,
select the radio button for 'ercustomdisplay' and click 'Edit'.

3. Edit the property with the desired label and save the configuration.

To Change on the appliance:

1. On the dashboard, select 'Configure Identity Manager' > 'Advance Configuration' >
'Custom File Management'.

2. Click on the 'nls' directory, type 'CustomLabels' in the search window
(upper right corner), select the desired file,
and then download.

3. Edit the file changing ercustomdisplay as needed:

4. Upload the modified file via Custom File Management.

5. Restart the Identity Manager Server.

6. Repeat on each member server.

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16 June 2018