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Changing the host name for an IBM Spectrum Protect V7 server on Linux

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What steps are needed for changing the host name for an IBM Spectrum Protect V7 server that is running on Linux?


After changing the host name of a Linux server supporting IBM Spectrum Protect (formerly Tivoli Storage Manager) V7, the following errors may exist when attempting to start the server:

    ANR0151W Database manager fails to start. For more information about the
    failure, issue the db2start command.
    ANR0171I dbiconn.c(1844): Error detected on 0:1, database in evaluation mode.
    ANR0169E An unexpected error has occurred and the TSM server is stopping.
    ANR0162W Supplemental database diagnostic information:  -1:58031:-1031
    ([IBM][CLI Driver] SQL1031N  The database directory cannot be found on the indicated file system.  SQLSTATE=58031).
    Transaction hash table contents (slots=256):
      *** no transactions found ***
    Lock hash table contents (slots=3002):
    Note: Enabling trace class TMTIMER will provide additional timing info on the following locks
      *** no locks found ***
    [tsminst1@newhostname ~]$


Complete the following steps to change the host name and reconfigure the V7.X servers on the Linux system (this document does not apply to V6.X):

1. Halt any IBM Spectrum Protect V7.X servers that are running on the system.

2. Change the host name on the system using normal operating system tools and procedures. If you are unsure of what steps are required, please contact your system administrator or operating system support for further assistance.

3. From the root user ID on the system, issue the command:

  db2set -g DB2SYSTEM=<newhostname>

The db2set command can be found in the <instance directory>/sqllib/adm directory. The <newhostname> is the host name that the machine is being changed to.

To verify that the DB2SYSTEM value has been changed, issue the command:

  db2set -all

This command displays all the configuration settings that are used by the database. Look for the DB2SYSTEM setting, which should now have the <newhostname> value.

NOTE: The db2set -g command will fail with DBI1309E if you are not issuing the command as the root user.

4. Edit the db2nodes.cfg file, which is located in the <instance directory>/sqllib directory. The file has an existing entry with the previous host name that looks like this:

  0 oldhostname 0

Update the entry to use the new host name, like this:

0 newhostname 0

Save and close the changed file.

5. Uncatalog and re-catalog the database as the instance owner:

  db2 uncatalog db tsmdb1
  db2 catalog db tsmdb1 on <instance directory>

The <instance directory> is generally the instance user's home directory. This proper location contains the sqllib/ directory. For example, "db2 catalog db tsmdb1 on /home/tsminst1".

The IBM Spectrum Protect server can now accept the new hostname and will start normally.

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