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Changing authentication types for the Data Collection user results in failed jobs in CLM



Changing the authentication type from LDAP to the internal authentication for the Data Collection User results in the Data Collection Jobs failing in the IBM Collaborative Lifecycle Management Solution (CLM). This issue will occur in IBM Rational Quality Manager (RQM), IBM Rational Team Concert (RTC) and IBM Rational Requirements Composer (RRC).


The two primary symptoms that you might see are:

  1. When running reports in each application, the reports will not have the most up to data in them
  2. If you view the Data Collection Job Status page in each application, you will see multiple failures for the various jobs.

    For example:

    Failed CCM ETL Jobs



Resolving The Problem

In order to resolve this issue, you will need to manually reconfigure the Data Collection User in each application.

  1. Log in to the Jazz Team Server Administration page using a server admin
    • RTC found in /jts/admin

  2. Click the Users link on the top of the page

  3. Open the LDAP user used for the Data Collection Jobs

  4. Remove Data Collector under Client Access Licenses

  5. Click Active Users

  6. Search for Data Collection User.
    • If the user exists, assign the Data Collector license to that user.
    • If the user does not exist, create a user with the name "Data Collection User", a user ID of "etl_user", and assign the Data Collector license

  7. Click the Server link on the top of the page

  8. Click Consumers (Inbound)

  9. Remove any Authorized Keys that have the name Jazz Reporting

  10. Register a name Consumer with the name Jazz Reporting

  11. Enter a password for the new Consumer in the Consumer Secret field

  12. Mark the Consumer as Trusted

  13. Click Register

  14. Find the newly created Authorized Key and copy the Consumer Key value
    Note: The key value will look similar to: 40e6eb312e14457586953af7c3185cdf

  15. Hover over the Actions column for the Jazz Reporting Key and click the Edit Consumer Key icon

  16. Click Select User in the Functional User ID field

  17. Search for etl_user, click Add and Close

  18. Click the Reports link on the top

  19. Select Data Warehouse Connection under Configuration

  20. Enter your password in the Data Collection User Password or Consumer Secret field (use the password created in step 11)

  21. Paste the Consumer Key in the Data Collection User or Consumer Key field

  22. Type JTS in the XDC Authentication field

  23. Click the Preview link to review the changes

  24. Click Save

  25. Select Data Collection Jobs under Data Collection

  26. Paste the Consumer Key into the Consumer Key field and enter the password into the Consumer Secret field in each Data Collection Job

  27. Click Save

  28. Repeat steps 7 through 27 for each application
    1. QM found in /qm/admin
    2. CCM found in /ccm/admin
    3. RM found in /rm/admin ( from version 5.0 onwards)
After performing the above steps, ensure that your Data Warehouse Collection Jobs are running and they return the status of Completed.

Leverage the Jazz Community

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Refer to technote 1319600 for details and links.

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