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Changes to Planning Analytics Workspace Database Administration in 2.0.41

Flashes (Alerts)


Multiple changes have been made to TM1 database administration in the Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.41 update.


Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.41 includes multiple changes to database administration.  The ‘Threads blocked’ counter is no longer displayed on the TM1 database tiles on database administration page.  The number of blocked threads can be found by clicking on a TM1 database tile.
image 934
 This change was made to reduce the number of TM1 database connections made from the database administration tiles view, and to better support environments with mixed modes of authentication for Planning Analytics Local.
The database tile should now appear as follows:
image 930
In some cases, a message stating ‘Threads blocked: unavailable’ is still displayed on each TM1 database tile after the 2.0.41 update.  This error will appear as follows:
image 944
Clearing the web browser cache will remove this message from the TM1 database tile.
Additional details on changes made to database administration in 2.0.41 can be found here:

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26 September 2022