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Changes to Hierarchy Security in IBM Planning Analytics



IBM Planning Analytics includes a change to hierarchy security in the TM1 Server. In previous versions of Planning Analytics the hierarchies in a dimension could not be secured independent of the dimension that contains the hierarchy.

Starting in the release hierarchies can now be secured independent of the parent dimension. As a result of this change hierarchies may not be visible to non-admin users after upgrading to Planning Analytics Security must be configured for the hierarchies so that non-admin users can access the hierarchies.


Security for hierarchies is managed through the }DimensionSecurity cube.  Hierarchies are represented as members in the }Dimensions dimension in the format of Dimension:Hierarchy
The following rules apply to security on hierarchies.
  • The hierarchy with the same name as the dimension shares the same security as the parent dimension.  The same named hierarchy cannot have a different security level than the dimension. 
  • Hierarchies that have a different name than the dimension cannot have greater security than the dimension.  A user must be able to see the dimension in order to see any hierarchies in the dimension.  
  • Security applied to the Leaves hierarchy is ignored.  If a user has READ access on the parent dimension they will also have READ access to the Leaves hierarchy.  The leaves hierarchy is automatically updated to include all leaf members of all hierarchies in a dimension.
  • Read access is required to see both the subsets and members in a hierarchy.
Member based security is not impacted by the change to hierarchy security in Planning Analytics  The security on members is not directly impacted by security on the hierarchy that contains the member.  Leaf members with the same name in multiple hierarchies in the same dimension will always share the same security and attributes.  Consolidated members with the same name in multiple hierarchies in the same dimension may be configured with different security and attributes.  

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Modified date:
11 February 2021