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IBM will continue to participate in the Apache Derby community and make contributions to the project but will no longer produce IBM Cloudscape and is phasing out support for releases 10.0 and 10.1. The value-added products for IBM Cloudscape: the DB2 Run-Time Client (ODBC support ) for Derby, the DB2 Universal JDBC Driver use with Derby and the IBM Cloudscape Workbench will no longer be available. This document answers questions about this change.


Question: I heard about the “Software withdrawal and support discontinuance” announcement for Cloudscape. Is that true?

1. Yes, the withdrawal announcement means that IBM will stop marketing and directly selling support for Cloudscape V10.0 and 10.1 after June 13, 2007. Cloudscape V10.0 and 10.1 will not be supported as non-bundled software by IBM after September 30, 2008.

The table below summarizes the important dates for these products’ lifecycles:

Cloudscape Version GA Date
Withdrawal Announcement
End of Marketing Date
End of Support Date
10.0 Aug 2004
Mar 13, 2007
Jun 13, 2007
Sept 30, 2008
10.1 Aug 2005
Mar 13, 2007
Jun 13, 2007
Sept 30, 2008

Question: Cloudscape / Derby came bundled with my IBM software (e.g. WebSphere, Portal Server, etc.) and is listed as a supported database. How can I obtain support for Cloudscape / Derby issues that occur when using these products?
This announcement does NOT apply to support for Cloudscape / Derby that is distributed as part of another IBM software product and is listed as a supported database for that product. Just as before, support for Cloudscape / Derby bundled with an IBM software platform is provided via the support license for the bundling software. To obtain support call IBM and provide your support license identifier for the product that distributed Cloudscape / Derby.

Question: Why is IBM withdrawing maintenance support for Cloudscape?

IBM contributed the source code for Cloudscape to the Apache Software Foundation in August 2004 who then started the open-source Apache Derby project ( Since then, Derby -- with support from community members such as IBM, Sun, and others -- has flourished and seen widespread adoption. Derby is extremely easy to use and embed, and the Derby community at Apache is very responsive to users' issues. Furthermore, Cloudscape users have very seldom needed to contact IBM through the official support channel. For these reasons, IBM has decided to stop offering maintenance support for Cloudscape.

Question: Is this the end of IBM involvement with Apache Derby?

On the contrary, IBM continues to participate in the Apache Derby community and make contributions to the project.

Question: How can I get support for Apache Derby?

You can get community assistance for Apache Derby through the Derby mailing lists: .


The following products are discontinued:

IBM Cloudscape
IBM's repackaging of Apache Derby
Apache Derby, current release
DB2 Universal JDBC Driver connectivity with Cloudscape
Use or db2jcc.jar to connect to Network Server
Use Apache Derby Client (derbyclient.jar)
DB2 Run-Time Client for use with Cloudscape
Access to Derby Network Server via ODBC [required db2jcc.jar support]
IBM Cloudscape Workbench
Perform tasks in Derby and DB2 databases

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