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Change History of Monitoring Agent for WebSphere MQ

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Change History of Monitoring Agent for WebSphere MQ


Product Version Release Date Agent Version Change History
V8. March 2021
  • Support for IBM MQ 9.2
V8. March 2020
  • General improvements.
V8. December 2019
  • No update in V8.
V8. September 2019
  • Support for Solaris x86-64, Redhat 8
  • [RHB BANK BHD: TS002614924] To remove the lots of duplicated failed messages about request for service status data.
V8. June 2019
  • General improvements.
V8. March 2019
  • Support for Windows Server 2019
  • RFE 122609: The ability to view all queue statistics made available from MQGACF_Q_STATISTICS_DATA
ICAM 2018.4.1
December 2018
  • Support on IBM WebSphere MQ 9.1.
  • RFE 113467: Support queue filter config to define the queues of interest 
V8. September 2018
  • Support for Linux on Power Systems™ (Big Endian).
V8. July 2018
  • Remote monitoring is supported.
V8. April 2018
  • Agent online help is refreshed to use italic fonts for attributes that are available for display in dashboard pages and thresholds.
V8. February 2018
  • General improvements.
V8. December 2017
  • MQ Service Status group widget to provide MQ service details.
  • Support for Linux for Power Systems (Little Endian).
V8.1.4 August 2017
  • Support for Linux for System z (Transaction tracking is not supported).
  • Channel and queue long-term history data is supported.
V8.1.3.2 April 2017
(SaaS only)
  • General improvements.
V8.1.3.1 September 2016
(SaaS only)
  • General improvements.
V8.1.3 April 2016
  • All predefined thresholds have a prefix of MQ_ instead of MQSeries_ as in previous versions.
  • Two thresholds, MQ_Channel_Initiator_Crit and MQ_Queue_Manager_Crit, were added to trigger critical alerts for the channel initiator server status and queue manager status.
  • The trigger condition of the MQ_Queue_Depth_High event was changed from static 80% to the high depth value of the queue.
  • The name of the Queue not being Read – Top 5 widget was changed to Queue in Use not being Read – Top 5.
  • The library path of the latest version of IBM MQ (WebSphere MQ) can now be automatically discovered during agent configuration.

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30 June 2021