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Change History of Monitoring Agent for Microsoft Cluster Server

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Change History of Monitoring Agent for Microsoft Cluster Server


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CP4MCM 2022.2.3.1 January 2022
  • Added support for Windows Server 2022 Operating System (Datacenter and Standard editions)
  • Upgraded codebase from Visual Studio 2008 to Visual Studio 2013 version
APM V8. Sept 2021
  • Added Storage Pool and Virtual Disks widgets.
  • Fixed AppScan reported vulnerabilities.
APM V8. June 2021
  • Added Cluster Storage Setting and NIC Team Members widgets.
CP4MCM 2021.2.3 April 2021
  • Microsoft Cluster Server agent now supports USE case template that include the following golden signals: Utilization, Saturation, Errors.
APM V8. Sept 2020
  • Added new widget Cluster Hyper-V VM
CP4MCM 2020.2.0 July 2020
  • Fixed memory leaks.
APM V8. June 2020
  • Added the below new widgets:
    Cluster Availability, Quoram Configuration, Disk Read and Disk Write, CPU Performance
  • Added a few columns in the existing Resource Group widget.
ICAM V2020.1.0 March 2020
  • Added golden signals Traffic, Error and Saturation
ICAM V2019.3.0 September 2019
  • Introduced the Microsoft Cluster Server agent in IBM Cloud Application Management offering.


March 2019

  • Added support for Windows Server 2019 Operating System.
  • Added the CLUSTER_SERVICE_VERSION attribute.


August 2017

  • General improvements


April 2017
(SaaS Only)

  • General improvements


April 2016
(SaaS Only)

  • The Microsoft Cluster Server agent gets automatically configured after it is installed.

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28 January 2022