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Change History of Kubernetes Data Collector

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Change History of Kubernetes (K8S) Data Collector



Product version Release date Agent version What’s new
2019.4.0 December 2019 1.5.0
  • Amended limit/request sizings to decrease CPU and memory footprint for size0 and size1 configurations

  • Added four new monitored types: (1) Openshift Route, (2) Openshift Cluster Resource Quota, (3) Kubernetes Resource Quota, and (4) Openshift DeploymentConfig (added under the Kubernetes Deployment entity type)

  • Improvements to Kubernetes Namespace/Openshift Project dashboard. New widgets include aggregate metrics for CPU, memory, network traffic (transmitted/received), and network errors transmitted/received) and 'Top 5 Pods' widgets for CPU and memory.

  • Propagation of events to Kubernetes Namespace/Openshift Project timeline (via inclusion of namespace in event payload's 'relatedResources'). Pod 'Normal' events (such as created container/pulled image) will be filtered from this view to prevent noise.

  • New widgets and dashboards for Openshift Cluster Resource Quota, Kubernetes Resource Quota, and Openshift Route

  • Simplification of Kubernetes Service thresholding

  • Ability to set thresholds on Kubernetes Deployment, Daemon Set, Job, Replica Set, Replication Controller, and Stateful Set

  • Remove 'Normal' CronJob events from cluster timeline, greatly reducing noise

  • Reduce outgoing requests by metric-collector container by 90x, greatly reducing CPU usage of container

  • Extended multiprocessing and session management in the metric collector to decrease total runtime for collection and submission 

  • MCM Subscription subgraph enrichment to support RBAC

  • Support for Power and zLinux

  • Amended display name columns for resource lists to be more consistent with kubectl/oc console

  • Extended detail in 'Details' event payload

  • Special character '-' now supported for 'clusterName' and changing 'clusterName' post-deployment is now not recommended

  • Specify PYTHONUNBUFFERED=1 to prevent logs from hanging

  • Added descriptions for Kubernetes/Openshift top level metadata objects

  • General bug fixes and improvements

2019.3.0 June 2019 1.4.0
  • Collection/submission of events sourced from all entity types

  • Performance enhancements for cache initialization

  • Collection and linking of MCM subscriptions to Kubernetes controllers (deployments, statefulsets, etc.)

  • Change CEM event correlation field from 'application' to 'controller'

  • Denote sender.component field as 'icam' (backend performance enhancement)

  • Amend Golden Signals default tabs

  • Add metadata constructs to enable setting thresholds from RUM object contexts

  • Add metadata constructs to enable baselining from Kubernetes Service

  • Amend relationship direction and type from k8sNode -> k8sNamespace and k8sNamespace -> others

2019.2.1 1.3.1
  • Migration of 'Golden Signals' to common widget

  • Addition of 'Golden Signals' to pod and container dashboards

  • Addition of 'Pod Network' metric widgets on Service dashboards

  • Translation (Legend, tooltip, etc.) fixes/additions to 'Golden Signals' widget

  • Improved formatting on Pod, Service, and Container dashboards through use of new 'tab' feature

  • Annotations to support hot reloading of dependent secret configurations

  • UBI base image/Red Hat Certification

  • Helm based flags (collectEvents, collectMetrics, collectEvents) to support variable collection modes/types

2019.2.0 June 2019 1.3.0
  • SRE 'golden signals' on service dashboard

  • Extended 'Display Columns' in list views

  • CPU Graph Units (report in millicores instead of nanocores)

  • Ability to set thresholds on node, pod, container, and cluster metrics

  • Kubernetes 'Labels' as indexible/searchable properties

  • Collection of 8 new resource types: (1) Kubernetes Sig CRD Application, (2) Deployment, (3) ReplicaSet, (4) Replication Controller, (5) DaemonSet, (6) StatefulSet, (7) Job, and (8) CronJob

  • 7 new high level dashboards: (1) Cluster, (2) Kubernetes Sig Application CRD, (3) Deployment, (4) StatefulSet, (5) DaemonSet, (6) Job, (7) CronJob

  • Improved event correlation to reduce incident noise

  • Event propagation to view pod controller events in context of cluster, and pod events in context of service

  • Finer-grained event severity mapping

  • Separation of monitor into 2 containers, event-collector and resource-event-collector to allow finer-grained lifecycle management and collection

2018.4.1 December 2018 1.1.0
  • Initial release and integration of K8Monitor into ICAM offering

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25 April 2019

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