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Cannot run TI process <…>MonthlyCompanyDetails_TextImportData



If you upgraded to Planning Analytics or later, you might encounter these errors when you run Cognos Controller Financial Analytics Publisher (FAP) jobs.
  •  In the FAP error logs:
     Could not run TI process: <…>MonthlyCompanyDetails_TextImportData
  •  In the Planning Analytics error logs:
    Error: Data procedure line (0): 01004[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]String data, right truncation


These errors occur because Planning Analytics and later does not support FAP jobs with comments containing more than 2047 characters.  The existing <…>MonthlyCompanyDetails_TextImportData TI process that you upgraded from your previous TM1 environment does not adhere to this new limitation.

Resolving The Problem

To prevent these errors from reoccurring, follow these steps:
1- Install one of these IBM Cognos Controller versions:
    * 10.4.1 IF14 or later
    * 10.4.2 IF13 or later (for Microsoft SQL Server database IBM Cognos Controller and FAP databases)
    * 10.4.2 FP2 IF1 or later (for Oracle IBM Cognos Controller and FAP databases)
Note: These versions limit comments in FAP jobs to 2047 characters. This prevents errors when you run the <…>MonthlyCompanyDetails_TextImportData TI process.
2- Stop the Windows service of the TM1 server that is connected to FAP
3- Stop the Windows service IBM Cognos FAP Service
4- Manually delete the existing <…>MonthlyCompanyDetails_TextImportData TI process from TM1 (if it exists)
5- Start the Windows service of the TM1 server that is connected to FAP
6- Start the Windows service IBM Cognos FAP Service
7- Execute an Initial Publish from FAP Client
After republishing, the TI processes created by IBM Cognos Controller contain comments that meet the character limitation. The previous truncation errors no longer appear.

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