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Cannot open transaction log - msmask32.ocx error



When attempting to view the transaction log from Server Explorer, the transaction log cannot be opened.


The following error message is displayed with Regional Settings set to English on TM1 client:

"ActiveX control (msmask32.ocx) could not be instantiated. Reinstall or register control again and try again."

The following error message is displayed with Regional Settings set to French:

"Xcelerator has stopped working. "


The transaction log cannot be viewed because the msmask32.ocx file is missing.
File may be missing as part of a recent security advisory patch.
Review the following link for more details


Windows 2008 R2/XP

Diagnosing The Problem

Use Process Monitor to determine if the process TM1a.exe can find msmask32.ocx.

Also, search the hard drive to confirm whether it exists and is in the correct location.

Resolving The Problem

If it has been determined that the file cannot be found, download the file on Microsoft site and extract it in the appropriate directory:
- For Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, and Windows 7:
- For Windows XP:

Then, register using the following procedure:

1. Click Start>Run

2. Type Regsvr32.exe <path>\msmask32.ocx
Ensure you have Administrator privileges on the system in order to perform this action.

3. Once the file is registered successfully, try viewing the transaction log.

If problem is not resolved, open a command prompt using the "Run as Administrator" option, then proceed with steps 2 and 3 again.

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10 November 2022