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Can I edit the .tpf file that the Text Wizard creates?



I have SPSS for Windows. I know that at the final step of the Text Import Wizard I can choose to save a file format for future use. That way, if I have other files that use the same variable names and other settings, I don't need to specify all of the settings. But, is there a way to change a few entries in the .tpf file that is created in a program such as WordPad? For example, if I want to redefine one variable as date, rather than numeric.

Resolving The Problem

The .tpf file is a binary file, and it cannot be edited in a text editor. We apologize for the inconvenience, and this enhancement has been filed as a feature request.

If you would prefer to have your file definition information in a format you can edit outside of the Read Text Wizard, you should choose to paste your syntax at the final step of the Wizard. The pasted syntax will contain all of the same file definition information that is kept in the Read Text Wizard, and file formats can easily be edited within a text editor or the Syntax window

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