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For CAM authenticated logins to the IBM Cognos TM1 Operations Console, do not use names beginning with escape characters such as \U, \b, or \n



For CAM authentication at login page, using "\user" as user causes the IBM Cognos TM1 Operations Console to fail. This failure occurs because \u is treated as an escape sequence in the Cognos TM1 Operations Console.


Cannot login to Cognos TM1 Operations Console with \user.


Escape sequences cannot be used on login.

Resolving The Problem

Change the login name so it does not begin with an escape sequence such as \u, \b\ or \n .

Not all escape sequences cause this problem however it is best practice to avoid using usernames that begin with them. You can find a list of escape characters by searching the Microsoft help site for "Escape Characters" or the Java(tm) help site for "Special Characters".

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15 June 2018