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CA77: CICS Transaction Gateway connection pooling for Microsoft .NET



Connections to CICS Transaction Gateway from Microsoft .NET applications can be shared, avoiding the overhead of repeatedly opening and closing a connection to the Gateway daemon

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This SupportPac provides an application programming interface (API) for IBM CICS Transaction Gateway (CICS TG) for creating, managing, and using a shared pool of connections from a Microsoft .NET application to CICS TG.

Use of this API removes the need for the management of connections and also reduces the overhead of having to repeatedly open and close connections.

Possible uses
Calling a CICS program from and ASP.NET web application.

Skill level required
CICS application developer.

Authors: (Originally Andrew Smithson & Rob Jones), CICS TG Development, IBM India Software Development Lab.
Category: 2
Released: 17Dec14
Current Version: 1.0.0


This SupportPac requires IBM CICS Transaction Gateway 9.0, or later.

Installation Instructions

To download the SupportPac:
  1. Click on the HTTPS link below for the relevant version of the SupportPac and save the compressed file to your local machine.
  2. Extract the saved file to a temporary directory on your local machine. This will create the necessary installation, documentation, and license files.
  3. Follow the instructions in the included documentation to complete installation of this SupportPac on your host system.

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Technical Support

SupportPacs in this category are available at no charge to all licensed users of the CICS family products on the platforms specified in the SupportPac description. These SupportPacs are provided "AS-IS" (under the terms and conditions of the IBM International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs and of the associated License Information and other documentation). The terms and conditions of this license DO NOT provide for any entitlement to defect correction.

To determine if you want to use this SupportPac, read the accompanying license file.

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27 April 2021