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CA1P: Web services samples for CICS TS



SupportPac CA1P contains some simple Web services samples that are designed to assist new users in getting started with CICS Transaction Server for z/OS web services.

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CICS Transaction Server for z/OS (CICS TS) V3.1 introduced the capability to expose a CICS program as a web service, or to invoke a web service from within a CICS program.

SupportPac CA1P aims to help you understand how web services are implemented within CICS TS. This SupportPac contains four samples, complete with exercises containing step-by-step instructions that can be followed to deploy the samples onto a CICS region.

The four samples are:
  1. Develop a CICS web service provider using the web services assistant
  2. Develop a CICS web service requester using the web services assistant
  3. Develop a CICS web service provider using Rational Developer for System z (RDz) V7.1, or later
  4. Develop a CICS web service requester using RDz V7.1, or later

The samples are provided for use in pairs: Sample 1 pairs with Sample 2, and Sample 3 pairs with Sample 4.
  • Sample 1 exposes an existing CICS program (the function of which is to echo a string) as a web service.
  • Sample 2 creates a CICS web service requester that can call the web service exposed in Sample 1.
  • Sample 3 and Sample 4 demonstrate creating the same web service and web service requester as Samples 1 and 2, using features of RDz to simplify the development process.

The documentation for the samples describes how to implement them using CICS TS V3, however the samples can also be applied to CICS TS V4 and CICS TS V5.

Possible uses
SupportPac CA1P is designed to enable the user to create a simple CICS web service, and then to create a CICS program that invokes the web service (a web service requester). It is designed to educate you on CICS web services, to allow you to familiarize yourselves with CICS web services, and to allow you to quickly create a working web service.

Skill level required
A basic understanding of CICS Transaction Server for z/OS, TSO, and ISPF.

What's new in release V1.02
The accompanying documentation has been updated to describe the actions necessary when completing exercises 3 and 4, having already performed exercises 1 and 2. The documentation now recommends that during exercise 3 the CSD group should be deleted, before proceeding with the remaining exercises.

Authors: Dan Millwood, CICS Development, Hursley
Category: 2
Released: 15Oct08
Last updated: 13Feb09
Current Version: 1.02


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  2. Extract the saved file to a temporary directory on your local machine. This will create the necessary installation, documentation, and license files.
  3. Follow the instructions in the included documentation to complete installation of this SupportPac on your host system.

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