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Building Apps from Smart Contracts

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IBM Food Trust™ enables authorized private Smart Contracts (chaincode programs) to operate on data uploaded and shared by member Organizations. Using this method of building applications, a subscription invokes the smart contract and passes it the applicable data for events, transactions, products and locations. Transaction privacy is ensured through execution on a private channel—which includes only the parties to the smart contract—to allow for processing sensitive information such as pricing and contract terms.


When to Choose this Method

Choose the Smart Contracts method of building applications when your top priority is the transparency and trust that blockchain provides to transacting parties.


About Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts, which are written in chaincode, allow participants on a blockchain network to encode business logic in executable programs. Smart contracts can run on private peers, owned by specific network members, against the trusted, verified data hosted by those peers. Therefore, the business rules encoded in the smart contract are enforced in a manner that provides trust and transparency for all parties to the smart contract.

Smart contracts can be appropriate for use cases ranging from dispute resolution to penalty calculation and compliance assessment. Smart contract logic can also form the basis of trusted capabilities for financing, invoicing, insurance and additional business requirements. 

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IBM Food Trust private Smart Contracts is currently a Limited Availability feature. The IBM Food Trust team can work with you to help you understand how the subscriptions work and how to create and enable your smart contract.

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19 October 2021