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BMXAA4049E – value specified exceeds maximum length using Email Listener

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Can I change and attribute if the length is exceeded when using E-mail Listener?


When processing an e-mail through e-mail listener – the following error could appear:

Error creating staging table entry for address <address> and mail server <mail server>. Please review the Maximo log file for more details.

Psdi.util.MXApplicationException BMXAA4049E – The value specified ….. exceeds the maximum field length.
at psdi.util.MaxType.checkLength( 517)
at psdi.util.MaxType.setvalue( 439)
at psdi.umbo.MboValue._setvalue( 439)
at psdi.mbo.MboValue.setValue( 1171)

To resolve this issue, the following attributes will need to be changed:

1) Go To – System Configuration – Platform Configuration – Database Configuration – Access the INBOUNDCOMM table.

Attributes CC and BCC will have to be increased from 255 to a desired length. In this example it was increased to 1000:

2) Turn on Admin Mode – Apply Configuration Changes – Turn Off Admin Mode and test the listener with more than 255 characters in to CC, BCC fields.

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17 June 2018