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Blue Diamond: Customer diagnostic data upload instructions

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Blue Diamond: Customer Registration and diagnostic data upload instructions.


Blue Diamond clients require special handling of PMR/PMH diagnostic data.

NOTE: Email exchange between clients and support should be done with ECuRep email services but ensure there are no attachments or inline data included to avoid any security exposures.

In order to be able to upload data to Blue Diamond, a user must first register to use Blue Diamond. To register you need to go to,

You will be prompted to confirm you are not a robot service.

If you do not have an account you can click on 'Don't have a User ID?' and follow the instructions for registering and obtaining credentials.

Follow the registration instructions for obtaining a User ID.

Once registered, the user from then on can sign in and provide credentials to log on and upload data.

There are two recommended options to upload data to the secure FTP server for Blue Diamond.

1. Directly from the IBM i using QMGTOOLS.

2. Data can also be uploaded to the secure FTP server using this link.

Clients must be registered in order to be able to upload data. The above URL will allow new users to register and existing users to log in.
Once logged in clients can change their password or select the upload button to transfer diagnostic data to the Blue Diamond FTP server.

Example welcome screen:

NOTE: Much like Testcase or ECuRep, HTTPs transfers are limited to 2Gb in size, so anything larger will require SFTP (secure ftp). Depending on the FTP client used, you may need to download the IBM Secure FTP server User Guide that is linked to in the above screen to obtain the necessary certificates for secure FTP. If clients need to transfer data directly from their IBM i, p or z system to the Blue Diamond FTP server they will need to click to Download IBM Secure FTP server User Guide which will include the certificates needed for secure transfer as well as directions for use with the IBM i, p and z systems.

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18 December 2019