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Birt report shows only header and footer



When I run a Birt report from Maximo, it only shows the report Heading and page footer. There is no data in the body of the report. This can happen for out-of-the-box reports or custom reports.


I have data, yet my report returns no results. I have seen the report run fine in the Eclipse design tool.


In almost all cases, this issue is caused by an error at run time. Typically this error will be with the SQL. Maximo passes extra information to the report that is used in the report SQL. This can be one, or more, of the following:
- Report parameters
- Application restrictions
- Data restrictions
- Dynamic where clause based on maximo filters that have been applied
The above information is all passed to the report and the report applies it to the report selection criteria. Any, or all of the above may cause the sql to be invalid at run time.

Diagnosing The Problem

When you have a report, whether it be an Out-of-the-Box report, or one of your own custom reports, that returns only a page header and footer the best way to determine the cause is to enable report logging, run the report and then view the maximo.log. The error message(s) will be displayed in the log along with the actual sql that the report was attempting to execute.

The following document is available to assist in the setup of Report Logging:

Resolving The Problem

Once you see the invalid sql statement you will be in a position to determine what needs to be done to correct it. Perhaps you need to handle the parameters differently. Or, maybe, the maximo application or data restrictions need to be altered.

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17 June 2018