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BIRT parameterized credentials are no longer required for passing user credentials at run time.

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How can ClearQuest credentials be passed to BIRT reports when using the Report Launcher for ClearQuest and later versions?


In versions of ClearQuest earlier than, a special configuration is required for building BIRT reports that allows user credentials to be passed or entered at run time.

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In ClearQuest and later versions, the special configuration of BIRT reports is no longer required for passing credentials from the Report Launcher for ClearQuest. When the Report Launcher Set credentials option is specified, user credentials are passed to the ClearQuest Reporting Driver when establishing database connections.

BIRT reports designed with parameterized user credentials continue to work. If you want to run a BIRT report outside of the Report Launcher, you should continue to use parameterized credentials so that the report can prompt for user credentials.

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16 June 2018