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BiLog: QBE – Extending thru QBR

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BiLog: QBE – Extending thru QBR


 QBE (Query by Example) is an excellent way for you to quickly take the results of your application query and/or filters and export them to Microsoft Excel.  You can then view each of the list tab fields, and perform additional analysis, combine the data with other queries, print, or save.

However, often users want to see additional fields in the exported data.  And the fields that one user may want to see are not the same as fields another user may want to see.  You can modify the list of fields that displays with the Application Designer.  However, this involves resources, planning, and space limitations.
You can provide your users the ability to

             Apply application filter and/or query

            Select their unique fields or database attributes

            Download to Microsoft Excel

            Without Application Designer Modifications

 thru QBR (Query Based Reporting).   QBR is available from essentially any application, and you can quickly select the fields you want to export to Microsoft Excel with a few simple clicks.

 You can execute this a single time, or save your QBR report to execute again in the future.  You can also schedule the QBR so the results appear in your email inbox – along with others - on a preconfigured time period.

 You can find more details on the QBR functionality at this V7.5x QBR guide located here or the V7.1x QBR guide located here

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