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BiLog: Maximo76: Creating Cognos reports/workspaces video series

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BiLog: Maximo76: Creating Cognos reports/workspaces video series



Opps.   Someone forgot to maintain their assets.

Don't forget to create visual, insightful dynamic reports and workspaces with Cognos Workspace and Workspace Advanced in Maximo 76!

A new series of video recordings are now available to help get you started!   The series includes creating a list and chart report in Cognos Workspace Advanced - and then applying that report to a dashboard using Cognos Workspace.   These Cognos tools target a Power User - who has the technical skills to visualize a report and has a solid knowledge of the Maximo database.   The series includes demos ranging from 8 to 15 minutes and includes:


Part 1: Reviews Cognos product entitlement with the Maximo 76 release and the differences between the three report development tools: (Report Studio, Cognos Workspace Advanced (CWA) and Query Studio/  Details how CWA  can be used by a power user without the full set of skills/training required for Report Studio.    

imagePart 2:  Introduces Cognos Workspace Advanced (CWA) by reviewing main components including toolbar, work area, page navigation, content and toolbox and properties section, and launches CWA for initial report development.

Part 3:  Creates list report in CWA by selecting fields from multiple objects, adding calculations and applying sorting, grouping and filters.   

Part 4: Extends list report to include two charts by changing layout.  Adds bar and line chart. and applies filters and calculations to both charts. The report is then saved and is ready for use in Cognos Workspace.

Part 5:   Creates custom workspace (or dashboard)  using the chart and list components developed in CWA in the previous demos.  Custom filters are added in the workspace, along with graphic images and text.

Part 6:  Provides additional examples of chart and chart features you can create in Cognos Workspace Advanced.

Additional Maximo 76 Cognos Training videos can be found on IBM's IoT Maximo 76 Cognos playlist here.   Enjoy!

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