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BiLog: Best Practices…Displaying Reports on Start Center….Report List Portlet and KPIs

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BiLog: Best Practices…Displaying Reports on Start Center….Report List Portlet and KPIs


During last week’s reporting web conference,  one question that was asked was how you could configure your favorite reports to display directly on the Start Center.   These might be reports you frequently access, or that you want your users to focus on as they contain critical information. 

One way you can do this is by using the Report List Portlet.  Within this portlet, you can select any number and types of reports to display on the Start Center, including detail, Ad Hoc, and reports enabled thru report integrations. 

Additionally, you could create multiple report list portlets on a start center page, with each containing groupings of related reports by application, location or site.

To enable the report list portlet, you must first grant access to the Report List Setup application in the Security Group application. 


Another option you have is to set up your KPIs on your start center to link to related reports. 

If a KPI is displayed in yellow or red status, your user can then click on the related report.  He can then see what may be causing the issue so he can take immediate action.
Enabling your users to directly access reports on the start center via the Report List Portlet or KPIs is a great way to save them multiple mouse clicks and time. 
For additional information on setting up the Report List Portlet or on configuring KPIs for report drilldown, please reference this page


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