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BIAN mappings for IBM Banking Process and Service Models



This package contains a number of spreadsheet of mappings between some of the BIAN Service Landscape content and the IBM Banking Process and Service Models (BPS) offering.

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Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) is a Standards Development Organization addressing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in financial services.

It is an independent, member-owned, not-for-profit organization which, in collaboration with industry participants, aims to define and set the de facto IT standards for banking interoperability services.

BIAN aims to:

  • Produce a Service Oriented Architecture with consistent service definitions, levels of detail and boundaries.
  • Provide a standard Capability Model and associated Service definitions for the Banking Industry.
  • Improve the efficiency and accuracy of change initiatives, or of benchmarking existing practices against standardized best practices.
  • Enable members to use collaboration to reduce integration costs, align IT with business objectives and therefore respond quicker to customer needs.

The BIAN Service Landscape

The BIAN Service Landscape is a reference structure, produced by the BIAN membership, that categorizes and organizes BIAN Service Domains for ease of access. BIAN uses a ‘primary’ Service Landscape view based on agreed categorizations that have been refined in use by the BIAN membership.

The BIAN Service Landscape have been mapped to the BPS Business Object Model (BOM). Each Service Capability Operation in the BOM is mapped to a corresponding BIAN Service Domain, and the Service Capability Operation contains a UML URL link to a specific webpage for the Service Domain on the BIAN Service Landscape website at

This spreadsheet is a list of the 600+ Service Capability Operations in the BOM, the associated BIAN Service Domains, and the URL links to the relevant BIAN web pages.

Latest spreadsheets also contains mappings between each of the 500+ Processes and 2800 Global Tasks in the APM and the associated BIAN Service Domains from the BIAN Service Landscape.


  • Microsoft Excel 2007 or above
  • IBM Banking Process and Service Models

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