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BFMDW Support for COREP FINREP Reporting Methodology

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The document available for download below provides an overview of IBM Banking and Financial Markets Data Warehouse (BFMDW) support for COREP/FINREP.


  • This document describes a method for using BFMDW to isolate and design the supporting structures to report a series of COREP/FINREP templates.
  • This document also describes the InfoSphere Information Governance Catalog (IGC) vocabulary support for enterprise terms corresponding to the COREP/FINREP templates.
  • This document uses COREP C 60.00.a as an example template while also describing the methodology for designing new supporting constructs for further COREP/FINREP templates.

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BFMDW Support for COREP FINREP Reporting Methodology

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17 June 2018