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Behavior of "Drill into Category" feature of Rational ClearQuest ALMRequest record has changed in ClearQuest ALM 1.3



The behavior of the Drill into Category feature of the ClearQuest ALMRequest record has been changed in ClearQuest ALM 1.3 so that it may be used as in either ClearQuest ALM 1.0 or as in ClearQuest ALM 1.1.


Use the Drill into Category feature of ClearQuest ALM to navigate the Category tree structure of categories and sub-categories. ClearQuest ALM uses the Drill into Category and Go Back options to navigate this hierarchical tree structure. The Category Path [String] field provides the name of the tree structure that has been navigated using these options.

In ClearQuest ALM 1.0, users selected a Category Type, a Category, and then clicked Drill into Category to populate the Category Path [String] field with their Category selection. In this case, it was possible to drill past the bottom of the Category tree to display the full path of the navigated tree in the Category Path[String] field while leaving the Category field empty.

In ClearQuest ALM 1.1, this behavior was changed so that users could not drill down past the bottom of the tree. However, this change split the display of the full path of the navigated tree so that part of the path appeared in the Category Path [String] field while the final part of the path was left in the Category field.

In ClearQuest ALM 1.3, the behavior has changed so that users can once again drill down past the bottom of the tree and have the entire path shown in the Category Path[String] field. However, if you want to reproduce the behavior of ClearQuest ALM version 1.1, do not drill past the bottom of the Category tree, or, if you have already done so, click Go Back to go back one level. If you want to ensure that the Category field always has a value, then you should edit the schema to make the Category field mandatory. This means that you cannot save a record save a record if you have drilled past the end of the Category tree.

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08 August 2018