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Behavior changes for choice list hook in Rational ClearQuest Web 7.1

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How is a choice list hook triggered in IBM Rational ClearQuest Web 7.1?


A record form is not refreshed when a choice list hook is executed in version 7.1, while a record form is refreshed in version 7.0.


In Rational ClearQuest version 7.1, the Web client has been completely rewritten using Web 2.0 technologies which provides enhanced experiences over the Rational ClearQuest Web version 7.0.

In order to improve performance in version 7.1, the choice list hook is not triggered until you click the choice list widget on a record form as "on demand", the record form is not refreshed at this time.

This new design can avoid some potential performance issues if you have many choice list hooks and many list of options for fields in a record form, the load speed would be very slow.

As results of these changes, if a field choice list hook has SetFieldValue API, it may not be executed desired timing and also a field value is not refreshed in a record form.
Below is the sample choice list hook:

Sub userlist_ChoiceList(fieldname, choices)


SetFieldValue fieldname, "UserA"

End sub

It is not recommend to use the SetFieldValue API in the field choice list hook. The choice list hook should be only used to provide a list of options for a field as it is described in the Topic ' Creating choice lists for fields ' in the ClearQuest information center help. It is advised to use the SetFieldValue API in the other hooks, for example a field Initialize hook, a value_changed hook, a button hook.

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16 June 2018