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Which Unisys XMI AddIns are available for download for use with IBM Rational Rose?


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Release Note

The TestExpert Rose Add-in offers advanced facilities for model-bases class and component testing for C++ and Java:

  • generation of class testing code using a template mechanism
  • individual adaptable templates
  • generation of out-of-the-box test project
  • automatic test documentation
  • test planning and management by Rational TestManager integration

It generates class testing code using test templates. The templates use the well known test frameworks Cpp-Unit for C++ and JUnit for Java as base functionality. Furthermore, TestExpert offers reporting facilities by generation of detailed test log files and extraction of test description from the test code files. And TestExpert offers test planning facilities by exporting automatically test cases to Rational TestManager.

Dr. Rudolf Hauber
Koelsch & Altmann GmbH
Oracle 9iAS Package and Deploy Tool

Oracle 9iAS Deploy Tool Documentation

The Oracle9i Application Server provides support for Java programming through Oracle9iAS Containers for J2EE (OC4J). OC4J is a complete Java2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) container that supports several Java specifications, such as servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP), and Enterprise Java Beans (EJB).

The Oracle9iAS Package and Deploy Tool allows Rational Rose developers to create and distribute their applications with OC4J. Using this plug-in, developers can create applications with Rational Rose and then deploy those applications to OC4J servers.

Oracle Corporation

Suite of extensibility solutions for Rational Rose Data Modeler.

Data Modeler COM Object Model (DMCOM), is a supplement to Rose REI, which exposes the Data Modeler elements and functionality through the set of well defined interfaces, releasing the Rose script developers from learning the internals of Data Modeler implementation.

Data Modeler Extender (DMeX), is DMCOM based Rose add-in which extends the functionality of Data Modeler. Key features of DMeX include advanced foreign key editor which allows defining foreign keys based on "constraint approach", what makes possible to create foreign keys also for existing columns and outside of data model diagrams.

Zbigniew Babiej, IBM Rational
This script can be used to check spelling in the Documentation fields of use cases, classes, attributes, operations and components in Rose models This script makes use of the SpellCheck functionality that is present in Microsoft Excel. Excel will need to be installed on the machine if this script is to run successfully. Annamalai Viswanathan, IBM Rational
and Chris Busch, IBM Rational

This script can be used to to write protect or remove write protection from all of the controlled units belonging to a particular model in a single stroke. In order to write protect or remove write protection from some of the controlled units in the model and not all of them just load the controlled units that are to be to write protected or made writable. The script will only affect those controlled units that are loaded when it is run. Annamalai Viswanathan, IBM Rational
XMI Add-in 1.3.6 (updated 27-Aug-03, 4.8 MB) This Add-in supports Rose 2003 and Rose 2002, UML 1.3, and includes bug fixes to Unisys Rose XMI Add-in Version 1.3.5_ICU Raida Synnestvedt, IBM Rational
XMI Add-in 1.3.4 Certified for Chordiant, updated 10-Nov-03, (6.3MB) This Add-in is Certified for use with Chordiant and supports Rose 2003 and Rose 2002, UML 1.3 Raida Synnestvedt, IBM Rational
Rose 2000 Enterprise Edition Ada Add-in — This add-in will install the Ada 95, Ada 83, and Apex add-ins. The Ada 95 and 83 add-ins provide for Ada code generation (in the corresponding Ada dialect) and the Apex add-in provides integration support when Rose is to be used in conjunction with Rational Apex Ada NT.  
wae stereotypes
This download has been removed as capabilities are now included in Rose 2001A and have been aligned with the profile and work done by Jim Conallen. Jim Conallen,
IBM Rational
Format Wizard 1.4
This package of goodies, for Rose 2000, 98i and 98, implements a set of Rose model formatting commands. The zip file contains a readme.txt file which includes installation and operation instructions. Davyd Norris,
IBM Rational

IDE Links

Title Description Submitter
Rose JDeveloper*
These free links provide seamless integration between Rose and the IDE selected to transform these tools into a complete and comprehensive development suite for software developers and design teams. The RoseLinks enables your team to:
  • Visualize your design by reverse engineering existing code
  • Generate "markerless" code from your Rose model
  • Keep your model and code synchronized through round trip engineering

These links are provided for free to existing customers but are not supported by IBM Rational.
*This link is only compatable with JDeveloper through 3.x.

Rose SmallTalk
Rose Visual Cafe


Title Description Submitter
Model Converter Utility
(1,804 KB) (exe)
This self-extracting exe that installs a menu item to the "Tools/Visual C++" menu titled "Model Converter..." Guides the user through the process of converting a model created by Rose C++ Classic for use with Rose/Visual C++. Includes a help file. User should exit Rose and Visual Studio before installing cpptovc.exe of the Building Management Mike Frankel,
Esprit Systems Consulting, Inc.
Building Management Design
(169589 bytes)
This is a continuation of the Building Management System example as it was taken from object analysis into design. The Rose model reflects the additional constructs necessary to achieve code generation from Rose, and the example includes the generated Rose source code files. In addition, we include a description of the standard design infrastructures chosen for the model classes. Mike Frankel,
Esprit Systems Consulting, Inc.
Building Management Implementation
(1257803 bytes)
As a final submission to our example trilogy, you can enjoy owning and operating your own office building by running the implemented Building Management program. Program instructions are included, as well as the final source code for the entire program. You don't need real HVAC hardware hooked up to your PC, just a vivid imagination. Have fun! Mike Frankel,
Esprit Systems Consulting, Inc.
Building Management Model
(213807 bytes)
This model and accompanying documentation is an illustration of rigorously applied object-oriented analysis techniques. The example covers application requirements and service domain partitioning for a Building Management System, which handles climate control and security access functions for a building with leased office space. There is a healthy mixture of both real-time and information systems coverage. > Mike Frankel,
Esprit Systems Consulting, Inc.
Insurance Network Fees & Claims
(205 KB)
Our client represented in this model is a managed care provider subsidiary of a major international insurance and financial services company conducting business from their New York City corporate headquarters. Recognizing software limitations, declining data integrity, and an enormous maintenance effort regarding their legacy system, our client decided to develop a new system, which could react smoothly to business opportunities and future growth. This submission provides the Rose model which was created during system development. Phil Zofrea,
InterAccess Corp.


Title Description Submitter
Package-Cloner RoseScript
With this script, one could virtually clone any user-created package, along with all of its contained contents. Shaquille Asghari,
IBM Rational
March 21, 2002
Rose Utilities (v1.1) is a wrapper around the Rational Rose Extensibility COM model. It contains a high-powered iterator that allow you to perform extremely powerful model traversals with very few lines of code, receiving COM events from Rose Utilities. Intended users are people wishing to script rose using VB, VJ++ or VC++. Source included. Kristian Rosenvold,
August 2, 2001
XML DTD → XML-Schema Translation
(15 KB)
This script builds on the XML DTD capabilities in Rose 2000e to emit an XML-Schema representation of the DTD being modeled in Rose. This is a sample to show the relationship between a DTD and Schema, is based on the W3C released recommendation for XML Schema 1.0. Simon Johnston, IBM Rational
Profile Documentation
(27 KB)
This script will produce an HTML document that describes a UML Profile in a format that matches an OMG submission style. The profile should be modeled in Rose as per the UML 1.4 recommendation. Simon Johnston, IBM Rational
Add Report Generation Script Source
(18 KB)
This is the source for the report generation script that corresponds to the reportgen.ebx shipped with Rose 2000. Please copy this script file to the Rose install directory. You can change/edit this script to meet your report generation needs and run it using Rose.  
Add Concrete Methods
(3 KB)
Rose 98 script to add methods to implement the abstract methods of the superclases(es) or interface(s) of one or more selected classes. This script was built to ease creation of class definitions for Java with all necessary methods implemented. Trey Kinkead,
PowerVision Corporation
Alphabetize Classes
This script alphabetizes the classes in a selected package. Patrick Rutledge,
IBM Rational
An Implementation of Robert Martin's Metrics
(5539 bytes)
This is an implementation of the metrics described in chapter 3 of Robert Martin's book "Designing Object-Oriented C++ Applications Using the Booch Method". Mark Elston,
Advantest R&D Center
(836 bytes)
This is just a simple script that will create a document that contains the class name, class documentation, and module name. Matthew Morin,
Complete Business Solutions Inc.
Convert Associations into Attributes
As mentioned in the Rose 98 TAN at /support/TANs/Rose/98/N907.html, Rose 98 for Java will import String members in a class into associations in the model. Many people would prefer these to be attributes of the class in the model. This script will convert these associations into attributes, preserving documentation, static, final, and visibility settings. The original associations are deleted. Only selected classes are processed and the script quite verbose about whatýs going on. For increased flexibility, the classes that are converted in this way are read from an external file, roseImportConversions.txt, which should be in the same directory as the script. Bruce Horner,
JP Morgan
Create Components
This script generates a component view which parallels the existing logical view of the model, creating susbystems and components to match the packages and classes. Patrick Rutledge,
IBM Rational
Generating Use Case Documentation by Category
(1738 bytes)
All Rose users will benefit from using this script to quickly generate documentation for all scenarios per use case/sub-category per category. John Conley,
Samsona Software Company Inc.
Java Code Generation
(14,574 bytes)
This script generates Java source code from Rose 98 models. The resulting code follows JavaSoftýs Java coding guidelines and may be tailored to suit your own needs. This script contains many enhancements to the built in Java code generation. See the comments at the start of the script for complete information. Rick Maddy,
Launch Scripts
This script launches other scripts which are in a diretcory specified by a path map. For people with a set of commonly used scripts, it makes launching one of their tools scripts a couple of clicks away. Patrick Rutledge,
IBM Rational
Parameter Properties
These sample scripts demonstrate creating and editing properties for parameters through a graphical interface. Patrick Rutledge,
IBM Rational
Singleton Pattern Script
(4 KB)
This script applies the Singleton design pattern to a selected C++ class in Rose98. The selected class is modified by adding a private static attribute called _instance, and a public static Instance() operation is added. C++ code generation properties are also Modified. The pattern is from the Gamma, et al Design Patterns book. Kevin Kelly,
IBM Rational
Update Class Name
This script replaces an old class name with the new class name wherever it is used as a return type, parameter type or attribute type. Patrick Rutledge,
IBM Rational
Use Case to Scenarios
(1994 bytes)
Have you ever wanted to have Rational Rose automatically create scenario diagrams for you from your use cases, putting the actors in the scenario with a system object. Then this script is perfect for you. Select a Use Case and run the script. The interaction diagram will be placed in the Use Case. The actors of the use case will be placed in interaction diagram along with a class that represents the system you are designing. Darren Pulsipher,
BPT Technologies

To obtain the following versions of the XMI Addin, contact IBM Technical Support:

(US contact: or 1-800 IBM SERV):

  • XMI AddIn 1.3.9A-1.4.1A
    This add-in supports Rational Rose 2002 and Rational Rose 2003
    Note: Select Rose 2003 to install on v7.0, UML1.3 and UML1.4, XMI 1.0 and 1.1.
  • XMI AddIn 1.3.8A-1.4.0
    This add-in supports Rational Rose 2002 and Rational Rose 2003
    Note1: Select Rose 2003 to install on v7.0 and MOF 1.3.

    Note2: Add-in version numbers represent UML/MOF version update number. For example, XMI AddIn 1.3.8A -1.4.0 represents an add-in with UML 1.3 (update 8A) and UML 1.4 (primary release).

    Note2: All the above Addins are provided as is and not currently supported.

[{"Product":{"code":"SSSHEM","label":"Rational Rose Enterprise"},"Business Unit":{"code":"BU053","label":"Cloud & Data Platform"},"Component":"Integrations","Platform":[{"code":"PF033","label":"Windows"}],"Version":"2003.06.00;2003.06.01;2003.06.12;2003.06.13;2003.06.14;2003.06.15;2003.06.16;7.0;","Edition":"","Line of Business":{"code":"LOB45","label":"Automation"}}]

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