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Attempts to use Link by Attribute with a value that has more then 1024 character fails



Attempts to use the 'Link by Attribute' feature with a value that has more then 1024 characters fails in IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation (RDNG).


This Link by Attribute feature was introduced in version 6.0.1. When a user selects the feature and uses it to create links to a large number of artifacts, the result is that links are not being created even though there are ID values in the attribute selected.


The RM index has a default limit of 1024 characters. As a result, the content of the attribute is not being read when the total amount of characters is over the limit of 1024 characters and the links are not created when using the 'Link by Attribute' feature.

Resolving The Problem

The limit can be changed by increasing the value of the Maximum RDF literal size advanced property. The default is set to 1024.

The reason this limit exists is to protect the Jena triple store so that it will not grow rapidly if RDF resources with huge triples are being indexed. The primary text (contents) of an artifact can be very large and by effectively removing the RDF string limit can cause a lot of index growth and potentially negatively affect performance.

The administrator can pick a limit that they feel will cover the numbers of links they expect to need.

The value '-1' will disable the limit completely, but this is not recommended. It is suggested to increase the attribute no more then needed, to avoid unnecessary large strings being included in the indices.

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17 June 2018