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Attempt to install the common IBM Java SDK v8.0 on Liberty ND v8.5.5.x fails

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WebSphere Liberty ND is currently installed with the "WebSphere Java SDK" (
However, there is a need to install the "Common IBM Java SDK" ( but it is failing to install.

Command used to install:
./imcl install -acceptLicense -installationDirectory /opt/IBM/WebSphereLibertyND -repositories /repos/java8 -showVerboseProgress

Error Encountered:

Getting fixes from /opt/ibm/AgentData/installRegistry/metadata.
Initializing metadata cache.
Collecting: /repos/java8/SDK_85541
ERROR: Failed to find required installation files.
CRIMA1161E ERROR: Failed to find required installation files.
Explanation:   Installation Manager did not find required installation files from the repository. An issue has occurred with the package that cannot be resolved by Installation Manager.
User Action:   If the repository files were transferred from a different location before the installation, verify that the files were not altered during the transfer operation. Copy the repository files to a different location and install from that location. If the repository files were not transferred note the package name and version number and contact customer support.
ERROR: 'jar file' not found in /repos/java8/SDK_85541/.
ERROR: 'jar file' not found in /repos/java8/SDK_85541/.


The error occurs because the JAR file is missing from the IBM Installation Manager IMShared directory location.  For details about the IMShared directory see the following link:

What are the IMShared and Agent data directories created by the IBM Installation Manager? (Application Integration Middleware Support Blog)
When WebSphere Liberty ND was first installed, this JAR file along with other installation artifacts are saved in the IMShared location.  For some reason or another this file no longer exist in the IMShared location.  It might have inadvertently been deleted which leads to the above error.


To resolve the issue you will need to provide the repository used during the initial install of WebSphere Liberty ND along with the repository which contains the Java v8 SDK that you are trying to install.  When this is done the installation process can pull any missing JAR files (or any other artifacts that may be missing from the IMShared location) from the source Liberty ND repository.
Note:  To find the source repository used to initially install the product you can run the following imcl command:
            <IM_HOME>/eclipse/tools/imcl listInstalledPackages -verbose
So, if the source repository initially used to install WebSphere Liberty ND was /repos/WASLibertyND85517 then the command needed to install the SDK would look like this:
./imcl install -acceptLicense -installationDirectory /opt/IBM/WebSphereLibertyND -repositories /repos/java8,/repos/WASLibertyND85517 -sVP
Note:  In the above command you need to provide both repositories (/repos/java8 and /repos/WASLibertyND85517) separated by a comma.

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12 November 2019